Welcome to CAP of Galveston

Your Gift Can Make All The Difference

Welcome to CAP of Galveston

Your Gift Can Make All The Difference

We are CAPGAL 

Community Assistance Providers of Galveston County ( CAPGAL ) is an organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life for the indigent and less fortunate individuals of Galveston County  by providing assistance through our Community Assistance Providers Fund. Assistance can vary from providing prescription medication or utility bills to wheelchairs and hospital beds, food assistance or even travel assistance.

What We Do

What is CAP of Galveston?

CAP of Galveston County( CAPGAL) is an extension of Bay Area Community Assistance Providers(BAYCAP) and CAP of Pearland. This mission will meet the needs of the Galveston County community while promoting leadership and business networking opportunities. CAPGAL’s focus is to raise awareness of the daily struggles that some residents face by providing funds and resources to help them get back on their feet or deal with a crisis. CAPGAL provides a monthly educational networking luncheon for members and those interested in joining.

How Does Someone request Assistance? 

People in need of assistance are often referred by case managers, hospital social workers, nurses or agency staff. Once a request has been submitted by a current member of CAPGAL, it is reviewed by the CAPGAL board. A decision is made by the CAPGAL board, based on the organization’s by-laws and established guidelines. Grants are evaluated on a case by case basis and are approved as funds are available.

Support CAPGAL

As a non-profit agency that does not rely on government funding, your gifts and donations are critical to our mission. CAPGAL appreciates all of the support that it receives so that we can have funds readily available to provide assistance for families and individuals in need.

How is CAPGAL funded?

CAP of Galveston County receives funding through membership dues, donations, grants and fundraising events.  As the organization grows, CAPGAL will be able to increase both the amount and frequency of assistance offered.

Recent News

6/22/20 – Due to the coronavirus pandemic, CAPGAL is holding board and membership meetings virtually. Members will continue to receive a monthly newsletter with updates. Plans are moving forward for our annual fundraiser on Friday, October 2, 2020 at the San Luis Hotel and Resort in Galveston.  See our Events page for more details.